Just a Little Teaser

Here are a few of the pictures from our wedding. There are many more to come but I just wanted to get these out there cause I think they are great!!!


Mrs. Weaver

It’s official. I am no longer legally a Shea. It is interesting, you married women can identify with me, but it is going to take some adjustment. I love my husband and it is an honor to take on his name, but I have been Brooke Shea for 24 years and now it is something different. It is how I identified my self for so long. You grow up fantasizing your name written with the last name of the boy you happen to like at the time, but when it really happens it is like wow this is different. Not to mention I cannot write Weaver very well or very quickly yet so my signature on my driver’s license is kind of funny. Anyway, it was exciting to get my new license this week, my new debit card, and my new Social Security card. I am Brooke Lauren Weaver! I am still getting used to it, but I am VERY proud to be a Weaver and I will honor that name!


Hey everybody! I am going to get on my soapbox and challenge everyone to vote. This is such an important part of being an American. We have the privilege of choosing who we want to vote for. If you are someone who says, “I don’t know enough about the election” or “I want to be able to make a better informed vote” well then READ. Take the time to read about the issues and to know what are some important propositions that we are voting for. If you don’t vote you can’t complain about the policies that pass. There are no excuses. Register and vote! In the election year of 2004, the morning of election day, I had a friend from Turkey (thanks Elif!) email me and tell me to go vote. She reminded me how important it is for American’s vote and that was a huge reminder to me just how much influence we have in our country. There are so many resources out there, and simply taking the time to vote is really important! Here are just a few sites you can visit to become better informed:



Everything but the Kitchen Sink!

Yesterday, Charlie and I were so graciously visited by none other than Mama Weaver.  She came up to do what?, to take us to Costco so that we can have food in our pantries.  She stocked us up and we are so grateful.  We had such a fun day and we are so thankful that we have such a thoughtful family that she would drive all the way up here to spend the afternoon and evening with us!  We had such a fun time.  Our love bank is full.  She filled our hearts and our cupboards!  We also took a trip to Don Jose’s for some dinner to top it all off.  Cindi also brought up some of Charlie’s old clothes and…Stuff.

What a fun time!  Thanks so  much for giving us so much yesterday!  We love you!

Melissa’s in Town!

So Melissa is here all the way from Wheaton Illinois and I was given the   privilege of spending some time with her this morning! We got to go for a great jog up and around Victoria and Tyler.  We had good conversation and were able to get caught up a little!  What a blast.  The we came back to my apartment and we made pancakes and Pumpkin muffins…then baby Evan, Kim and Sarah graced us with their presence and we had a wonderful breakfast.  Not to mention the company was wonderful!  She is a beautiful woman of God and I am honored to be her friend!  Thanks for spending time with me Mo!  Love you.

Sunday’s Sermon

In church we are going through a series called Decision ’08. It is based on many different issues that are highly debated during the political season. Matt is doing a great job of bringing biblical truths to people on these issues. Here is the sermon from Sunday and if you have about 35 minutes to listen in I highly recommend it! Just go to this URL and click on the October 12, 2008 message on abortion, you won’t regret it!


The E.R.

When you think of the ER you think of blood an guts, and maybe even a finger or toe chopped off by a chain saw, or the terrible accident going down the 91 or the sharp object that impaled someone’s head. Well not this aspect of the ER. I bet you didn’t know that there is a section of many ER’s that is for admitting Mental Health patients. Yup it’s that semester for me, I am in mental health clinical. My experience in the ER was one that I won’t soon forget. You hear about schizophrenia, but when you actually see it happening that “crazy” person suddenly come to life. They are no longer words on a text book. It was quite interesting to interact with a patient who is speaking to a voice in their own head. Throwing apples at the wall right next to you, and spewing chips all over the ground, and talking about the KKK, and killing your brother that is a meth addict is nothing out of the ordinary. And don’t act surprised when they walk right out of the ER cause their meds did not come fast enough, just expect that the cops will eventually bring the patient back. I like my mental health rotation, no day is ever the same as the one before. People are unpredictable, especially with a mental disorder. I love nursing school.

Give Blood

So this week I finally gave blood for the first time.  I have always wanted to, but sports and traveling to African countries has not permitted me to do so.  You can’t exercise for at least 24 hours after giving blood, and you can’t give until at least a  year after you have been out of Africa.  Some people can never give blood due to the fact that they have spent time in certain countries, the year restriction doesn’t even cut it.  Anyway, I enjoyed my experience.  Nikki, my nursing buddy, was pretty stoked to take me for my first blood giving.  We sat in big cozy chairs and chatted with the nurses as our blood streamed out of our arms.  Kind of a funny picture.  It is awesome to know that there could be 3 lives saved just by giving one time!!  There were names of people who have given up to 58 gallons of blood in their lifetime.  That is amazing!  I am excited to go again!  Go and give blood!