he makes my heart happy…


Where we are…

Charlies two week home.

Charlie's two week home.

So Charlie got a call this week requesting that he fill in for a teacher who is going to be away for a while. He is pretty stoked cause this school has an amazing P.E. facility and an Olympic size pool. Charlie swimming heart is in heaven, step aside Michael Phelps! Charlie really likes Roosevelt High and is excited to teach there for more than just one day every other week.

My Second Home ;)

My Second Home 😉

This is where I spend my Mondays right now. I have really enjoyed my experience with all the nurses and my teachers. They have helped me to feel confident about my skills. I will have everyone know that I started my first IV on a REAL patient this week. He was great and I will never forget the first stick! I was nervous, but I got it first try! Anyway, we are excited about the professions we have been called into and we will keep ya updated as we continue through school!

Here We Go!

So I am going to make an official attempt to be a better blogger. I figured that since there are two of us to blog about now, I will keep up better. Anyway hope you enjoy!