Give Blood

So this week I finally gave blood for the first time.  I have always wanted to, but sports and traveling to African countries has not permitted me to do so.  You can’t exercise for at least 24 hours after giving blood, and you can’t give until at least a  year after you have been out of Africa.  Some people can never give blood due to the fact that they have spent time in certain countries, the year restriction doesn’t even cut it.  Anyway, I enjoyed my experience.  Nikki, my nursing buddy, was pretty stoked to take me for my first blood giving.  We sat in big cozy chairs and chatted with the nurses as our blood streamed out of our arms.  Kind of a funny picture.  It is awesome to know that there could be 3 lives saved just by giving one time!!  There were names of people who have given up to 58 gallons of blood in their lifetime.  That is amazing!  I am excited to go again!  Go and give blood!