The E.R.

When you think of the ER you think of blood an guts, and maybe even a finger or toe chopped off by a chain saw, or the terrible accident going down the 91 or the sharp object that impaled someone’s head. Well not this aspect of the ER. I bet you didn’t know that there is a section of many ER’s that is for admitting Mental Health patients. Yup it’s that semester for me, I am in mental health clinical. My experience in the ER was one that I won’t soon forget. You hear about schizophrenia, but when you actually see it happening that “crazy” person suddenly come to life. They are no longer words on a text book. It was quite interesting to interact with a patient who is speaking to a voice in their own head. Throwing apples at the wall right next to you, and spewing chips all over the ground, and talking about the KKK, and killing your brother that is a meth addict is nothing out of the ordinary. And don’t act surprised when they walk right out of the ER cause their meds did not come fast enough, just expect that the cops will eventually bring the patient back. I like my mental health rotation, no day is ever the same as the one before. People are unpredictable, especially with a mental disorder. I love nursing school.