Melissa’s in Town!

So Melissa is here all the way from Wheaton Illinois and I was given the   privilege of spending some time with her this morning! We got to go for a great jog up and around Victoria and Tyler.  We had good conversation and were able to get caught up a little!  What a blast.  The we came back to my apartment and we made pancakes and Pumpkin muffins…then baby Evan, Kim and Sarah graced us with their presence and we had a wonderful breakfast.  Not to mention the company was wonderful!  She is a beautiful woman of God and I am honored to be her friend!  Thanks for spending time with me Mo!  Love you.


Sunday’s Sermon

In church we are going through a series called Decision ’08. It is based on many different issues that are highly debated during the political season. Matt is doing a great job of bringing biblical truths to people on these issues. Here is the sermon from Sunday and if you have about 35 minutes to listen in I highly recommend it! Just go to this URL and click on the October 12, 2008 message on abortion, you won’t regret it!