Mrs. Weaver

It’s official. I am no longer legally a Shea. It is interesting, you married women can identify with me, but it is going to take some adjustment. I love my husband and it is an honor to take on his name, but I have been Brooke Shea for 24 years and now it is something different. It is how I identified my self for so long. You grow up fantasizing your name written with the last name of the boy you happen to like at the time, but when it really happens it is like wow this is different. Not to mention I cannot write Weaver very well or very quickly yet so my signature on my driver’s license is kind of funny. Anyway, it was exciting to get my new license this week, my new debit card, and my new Social Security card. I am Brooke Lauren Weaver! I am still getting used to it, but I am VERY proud to be a Weaver and I will honor that name!