Never a Dull Moment!

This came from my patient’s mouth no joke.  The nurse asked my patient, who was a 90 year old woman with slight dememtia, “Do you know where you are this morning?”

With a very frustrated face, as if the nurse should know, she replied…

“We are at the casino.  We are gambling remember.  Where are the slot machines?”

Hilarious, how do you keep from laughing, you don’t you just laugh because an hour later she won’t even remember… 🙂


We love the Anderson’s

img_4255 Recently we were blessed with the presence of Casey and Jessica Anderson.  We had such a blast having them up here in good ole’ Riverside.  Casey was bold in making it happen and the timing was right!  We started the weekend off by eating at my most favorite restaurant called Lucille’s.  It was good grubbing and great conversation.

img_4237The next day we went rock climbing and this was my first official time of rock climbing.  I had a blast.  Casey, Jessica, and Charlie did a good job of gettin me in the game so to speak.  I think with a little more practice I could be better than Chris…:)  I am showing off my skill right here!

img_4249 Look at these two aren’t they just so cute.  I love the joy that is so obvious to everyone who knows them and is around them.  We are blessed to have friends like them!  We were able to enjoy making meals with you, visiting the farmer’s market with you, praying for my family with you, playing scrabble with you and just being in your presence!  Thanks for a great weekend.

Home Sweet Home

As many of you know, my house was dangerously close to the recent fires that happened this last weekend. I was able to visit my little home town that was devastated by the fires. My mom took me around to all the hard hit places and these are some pictures of what we found. This first picture was taken right outside my track of homes. It is of the riverbed, the bike trail we commonly use, and some of the houses in my track of homes.


This next picture is of the apartments that are located directly behind my track of homes. They were hit pretty hard.


This next picture is of a park that our community built when I was in junior high. We got the money together to build it and it turned out so beautiful. My sisters and I put our hand prints on a tile that then went into the walls surrounding this park. This is some of what it looked like before the fire.


This is what it looked like today when I saw it. Praise the Lord Yorba Linda is a pretty wealthy town, and there are already plans in the works to rebuild the park.


There were also a number of streets that were still blocked off at the time we went to look.  They are trying to keep people like us (lookiloo’s) off the affected streets.  It was amazing to see the devastation in your own town, I know living in southern california there are many people who can empathize with me, but there is nothing like seeing things that are familiar to you burnt down.  Thanks for your prayers to those of you who called and thought of us.  We really appreciate it, the fire truly did go right around our house and left it unaffected.  Here are a few more and thanks to the firefighters who helped save many houses from being burnt down.




Tell Me…

So Charlie and I have this huge bed, and we had plenty of stuff on it cause we moved all our books from the table to our bed when our small group came over.  But if you look closely, there is another little something that just seems to blend in…tell me what else do you see?  🙂


Go See It!


Charlie and I saw this on Saturday night.  I really liked it.  I recommend that you guys all take part in seeing this movie.  If it doesn’t challenge you to just let down your pride and love in such a way that you understand that you are not perfect, but are forgiven then I don’t know what will.  The acting is kind of cheesy, and the film was low budget, but the message is powerful!  It is based on a “love dare”  that is taken on by the main character when his marriage is about to crumble.  When his heart understands hope, he begins to love his wife in a way he never knew before.  Check it out…

Las Vegas!!!


We had a blast!  Mr. Peanut and I give it two thumbs up (even though he is not holding his thumbs up).  There are not a whole lot of hotels, or rather small cities, that Sarah and I did not visit.  We went here


and here


and here


and here


and here

and we met this sweet talking tree at the Bellagio1251

and this is where we stayed


and of course we did a little of this, I put in a whole dollar and I won back 2.50!!!


We had such a blast, but the best time of our weekend was when we spent Saturday night watching the Texas, Texas Tech game at ESPN zone in New York New York.  We rubbed elbows with the big fans in front of 2 big screen TV’s.  There were TV’s all around us playing every football game we could have every wanted.  It was awesome.  I don’t even know if it was that loud at the game.  😉  Sorry to all the Texas fans that wanted to see them go undefeated, but I was rooting for Texas Tech.  I have a little bitterness still from when Vince Young single handedly beat the Trojans for the BCS Championships!!  Way to go Tech.  Thanks Sarah for a great weekend and for choosing Vegas to celebrate your 25th birthday!  I had a blast!

It’s the Little Things

starbucks-02I know it seems silly, but the fact that Starbucks has put out their new Christmas montage makes my heart smile.  I love Christmas.  I already spend so many hours there studying, but now I will spend my time listening to cherished Christmas songs that remind me of my family and memories that I hold on to of the holidays.  It reminds me of sitting by the fire and snuggling up to drink hot chocolate.  It will also remind me that I have a savior that loves me and that he is the one who came that we might live with him eternally.  Wow all that from some decorations.  I love Christmas and it is definitely November and I can’t believe it.  Christmas is coming….:)