Las Vegas!!!


We had a blast!  Mr. Peanut and I give it two thumbs up (even though he is not holding his thumbs up).  There are not a whole lot of hotels, or rather small cities, that Sarah and I did not visit.  We went here


and here


and here


and here


and here

and we met this sweet talking tree at the Bellagio1251

and this is where we stayed


and of course we did a little of this, I put in a whole dollar and I won back 2.50!!!


We had such a blast, but the best time of our weekend was when we spent Saturday night watching the Texas, Texas Tech game at ESPN zone in New York New York.  We rubbed elbows with the big fans in front of 2 big screen TV’s.  There were TV’s all around us playing every football game we could have every wanted.  It was awesome.  I don’t even know if it was that loud at the game.  😉  Sorry to all the Texas fans that wanted to see them go undefeated, but I was rooting for Texas Tech.  I have a little bitterness still from when Vince Young single handedly beat the Trojans for the BCS Championships!!  Way to go Tech.  Thanks Sarah for a great weekend and for choosing Vegas to celebrate your 25th birthday!  I had a blast!


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