We love the Anderson’s

img_4255 Recently we were blessed with the presence of Casey and Jessica Anderson.  We had such a blast having them up here in good ole’ Riverside.  Casey was bold in making it happen and the timing was right!  We started the weekend off by eating at my most favorite restaurant called Lucille’s.  It was good grubbing and great conversation.

img_4237The next day we went rock climbing and this was my first official time of rock climbing.  I had a blast.  Casey, Jessica, and Charlie did a good job of gettin me in the game so to speak.  I think with a little more practice I could be better than Chris…:)  I am showing off my skill right here!

img_4249 Look at these two aren’t they just so cute.  I love the joy that is so obvious to everyone who knows them and is around them.  We are blessed to have friends like them!  We were able to enjoy making meals with you, visiting the farmer’s market with you, praying for my family with you, playing scrabble with you and just being in your presence!  Thanks for a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “We love the Anderson’s

  1. I would hope that you are better than me already. I spent 3 hours last week trying to get on top of a 10 foot high boulder and never made it.

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