Baby Bath

Yes, I got to give my very first, first baby bath!  You know on the movies when you see how the nurses take the baby and then they wash them off and give them back to mommy?  Well that is what I did.  I was not actually in the delivery room because it is done a little differently now, the mom goes through labor, the first nurse just kind of wipes off the baby a little bit, and then mom and baby come to the post partum unit.  That is where I stepped in.  I was able to clean the baby thoroughly right after he was born.  He had probably only been alive for about an hour.  CRAZY!!  He was so cute.  He got cold so his little bottom lip started to quiver, it was adorable.  I also had to give him his 2nd shot of his entire life!  He didn’t even cry, either I am good, or that sugar water works wonders! (proably the latter)  Anyway, I am so thankful for little babies and life!  It is so much fun to be with mothers who are laboring and also to see the gift they receive in the aftermath!!



My Sister is Getting Married!!!


Yea I am so excited for these two!  They got engaged on December 15th, exactly one year ago from when Charlie and I got engaged, Sorry Dad!  We are all so excited for them and we can’t wait to celebrate with them.  We were able to go and surprise Brittany by being there after Andrew proposed to her, he totally surprised her!  What fun we are going to have this summer!  Brittany is such a beautiful woman, and Andrew has a heart of gold!  You guys are awesome!

We have become best friends!


Starbucks by Ross Mayfield.

So my time has been spent in many a Starbucks since I started nursing school, as a matter of fact I can think of 8 different starbucks that I have spent a significant amount of time in just learning about the heart, or studying flash cards.  The people begin to offer you stuff when you stay there that long or go back there so many times.  To top it off, I decided to give up coffee for the New Year, I have not had coffee since January 1st, how is it ok to spend hours in a coffee shop and not drink coffee!  I have done it so far, so those of you who feel you may be addicted, it is possible to stop!  Anyway, the semester is going to be a doosy, and I am excited to spend some time with laboring mothers, crying babies, tantrum throwing toddlers, defiant adolescents, and intensive care cardiac patients.  I am also looking forward to the comfort of finding many more Starbucks that accomodate my studying lifestyle!  Thanks for the support Starbucks!  PS- Sometimes I feel as confused at that picture!