We have become best friends!


Starbucks by Ross Mayfield.

So my time has been spent in many a Starbucks since I started nursing school, as a matter of fact I can think of 8 different starbucks that I have spent a significant amount of time in just learning about the heart, or studying flash cards.  The people begin to offer you stuff when you stay there that long or go back there so many times.  To top it off, I decided to give up coffee for the New Year, I have not had coffee since January 1st, how is it ok to spend hours in a coffee shop and not drink coffee!  I have done it so far, so those of you who feel you may be addicted, it is possible to stop!  Anyway, the semester is going to be a doosy, and I am excited to spend some time with laboring mothers, crying babies, tantrum throwing toddlers, defiant adolescents, and intensive care cardiac patients.  I am also looking forward to the comfort of finding many more Starbucks that accomodate my studying lifestyle!  Thanks for the support Starbucks!  PS- Sometimes I feel as confused at that picture!


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