Confessions of a Nursing Student #1

If a nursing student asks to do a procedure on you and you ask them if it is the first time they have ever done it they will probably say no.  Make this your next question, “was it on a mannequin or a real person?”




What would you do? No, seriously, what would you do?

So I was in the ICU today, and one of the girls in my cohort had a patient that was very sick.  She was also very old and on her death bed.  The family decided that they were going to pull all medical treatment and let her pass on.  They knew this would be the best decision for her, but how do you make a decision like that?  I have also experienced where a family in the NICU knew that their little preemie was born with a spongy brain and that the quality of life for their little one would be poor.  They decided to stop feeding her, take away all medical treatment, and let her pass on.  Now being on this side of things, there is so much we can do that will keep people alive for no other reason but for the wish of the families, and in other instances it is because of the will of the families that the patients survive and have a possibility of living a somewhat normal life.  So I ask, what would you do for a loved one?



For those of you who heart the ATL, Georgia that is, Charlie and I were able to visit my dear friend Jenny where she currently resides.  We had such a fun time!!!  I love her friendship and we were so blessed by getting to just see her life and all that she does.  She has already made such an impact on all the people around her and she is beginning to make it her home!  I was so proud of her skills at getting around the city, I think we only got turned around a few times, and when we did she got us back!  For those of you who know Atlanta, here is a list of the things we did: 

The Varsity!


Fillini’s pizza 

Waffle House

Chatahoochee River

Jefferson Ave Baptist Church

Zesto’s for dessert! 

I had more sweet tea than I have ever had in my life and I loved every minute of it!  I also enjoyed that the three of us could just be content going and driving around and looking at houses and walking around a mall!  I love you Jenny thanks for such a fun time!




I love My Husband!



So I have to say that he has been a champ.  I seem to be so overwhelmed with school right now, and when I am not doing homework, I am exhausted.  He has cooked, cleaned, made the bed, sat with me through 12 hours of homework (on the weekend) and helped me stay awake in order to get done what needs to be done.  I really appreciate having his friendship.  I know that this will pass one day, but right now it doesn’t seem like it.  So I love my husband for encouraging me and praying for me when he knows I need it most instead of being jealous for my time!  Thanks love!