I love My Husband!



So I have to say that he has been a champ.  I seem to be so overwhelmed with school right now, and when I am not doing homework, I am exhausted.  He has cooked, cleaned, made the bed, sat with me through 12 hours of homework (on the weekend) and helped me stay awake in order to get done what needs to be done.  I really appreciate having his friendship.  I know that this will pass one day, but right now it doesn’t seem like it.  So I love my husband for encouraging me and praying for me when he knows I need it most instead of being jealous for my time!  Thanks love!


7 thoughts on “I love My Husband!

  1. I think he loves you more, if that’s even possible………. 🙂 !
    And you will do the same for him someday, I’m sure!
    Not quite sure about the “it will be over sooner than you realize” comment, it better not be over any time soon,
    I’m not done with you two for a LONG while!
    Love you!

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