What would you do? No, seriously, what would you do?

So I was in the ICU today, and one of the girls in my cohort had a patient that was very sick.  She was also very old and on her death bed.  The family decided that they were going to pull all medical treatment and let her pass on.  They knew this would be the best decision for her, but how do you make a decision like that?  I have also experienced where a family in the NICU knew that their little preemie was born with a spongy brain and that the quality of life for their little one would be poor.  They decided to stop feeding her, take away all medical treatment, and let her pass on.  Now being on this side of things, there is so much we can do that will keep people alive for no other reason but for the wish of the families, and in other instances it is because of the will of the families that the patients survive and have a possibility of living a somewhat normal life.  So I ask, what would you do for a loved one?


2 thoughts on “What would you do? No, seriously, what would you do?

  1. My dear friend just had this painful time with her mom…..she was off all support for about a week. Kelly was with her the entire time, even to the point of sleeping on the floor next to her. She was thankful for that time, as hard as it was. The pain her mom was in before that, was the deciding factor…..Kelly really didn’t give all details to me, but she said it was the hardest thing she EVER did. But she knew it was the right thing for her mom. I truely hope I/we never have to make this kind of decision……….Love you and I know, that because of your heart, you will be the BEST nurse ever!

  2. That was the hardest decision our family has ever made when my brother had his massive stroke and cerebral hemmorhage. But, we knew it was the right one because all the machines showed that his brain was “dead”. It’s not easy, and I pray that families don’t need to go through it, especially with a baby or a young person, but these things happen and we just have to believe that it is in God’s will. My brother was only 64 years old. It was very difficult.

    Love you! Didie

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