All Things Brittany!!!

Last weekend we celebrated with Brittany the fact that she is getting married this summer by throwing her a bridal shower, this weekend we had a graduation party to celebrate her graduating college, next week is her graduation, later this month we will have an other shower for her, we will celebrate her 22nd birthday on June 16th, and then she will be married on June 20th!!  What a summer for that girl!  I am so blessed by her, and so excited for what is happening in her life.  I am thankful for her spirit and for the way she honors the Lord in all that she does!  Yea Brittany!







If you could…

What would be your dream job?  If you could have any job anywhere in the world, what would it be and why?  Here are a couple of pictures to explain what I would do!!  In fact, I think I am living it out…soon…




Proud owners of….


So we bought a new computer, and I am loving it.  We figured since the both of us still have much more school to go through, and we also are working off of one computer that is from ancient times (about 5 years old), that we should invest into a computer!!!  There is also much more detail for media and that is a lot of fun to get into and now we have more options.  No more slow connections, no more random disconnections, and great picture quality!!  Yea!  Anyway, we have officially entered the Mac club by buying our own!