Taking a Breath

To me, taking a breath means that I am getting to relax, I am taking a moment to myself to just think about my day, what went on, what I will do next, or just taking a cat nap.  But what does that mean for someone else?  When a patient who has just had trauma from a motor vehicle accident that is not responding, everyone stands by to see if he will take a breath.  A mother watches as her baby is born still and she waits and hopes for her son to take a breath.  A near drowning victim receives CPR, her mother stands by hoping that her child will breathe once again.  I am busy right now, a week of 12 hour days is hard.  My feet hurt and I get dizzy when I stand up too fast, but at the end of the day, I count my blessings to know that I can take a breath one more day.  It puts perspective into my life when I am reminded that Christ died for me and I now live in his grace.  I can make it through the next 10 weeks, and I will find those moments precious that I can take a breath and thank Him for his goodness in my life.



Ok is this not one of the cutest pictures ever!?  We matched on Sunday!


Pray for me…

I know all along this has been hard, but pray for me as I enter my last 12 weeks.  I want to grow professionally and display Christ at the same time.  Please pray that I will find joy amidst hard long 12-13 hour days, and that I will get enough sleep.  Thank you!!!!

YEAH for Melissa Jolene!

We had this sneaky plan, and it totally worked out!  Kim let Sarah and I know that she was going to fly out to Wheaton for Melissa’s Graduation, and so we wanted to come along.  Kim had an awesome idea to surprise her with showing up without her knowing…well it panned out to a tea.  Not only did we manage to surprise her, but Kim and some of the girls in Wheaton threw together a surprise shower for her.  The girls all said surprise and then Sarah and I came around the corner for more surprise!  What a fun weekend we had.  We were so blessed to meet some of Melissa’s new family, and we also enjoyed being around our friend who has been away for two years now and is coming back to us next month!!  Girls you are awesome!  I am so honored to have friends like you!

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Our New Home…

So many of you already know this, but Charlie and I moved in with our dear friends the Callister’s at their house in Moreno Valley.  It is very humbling to know that we have great friends that will take us in and allow us to save some money while living with them.  They are so accommodating, and they make us truly feel at home in a place that is not ours.  I feel very blessed.  We are loving being in a home, and not only in a physical house, but a place we can feel comfortable and relax with our friends.  We are also blessed to watch them as they raise their beautiful 2 year old boy, Skyler.  He is so CUTE!!  I know it seems so unreal to others that we are living with other people and loving it, but there is a mutual understanding between us that we are not perfect and we are learning that when we are honest with ourselves we have so much more accountability when others are around, and we are also able to grow through our differences, and encourage each other in our daily lives.  I love being here, and I am going to miss being around them when we are finally able to go back to our own place, but for now it is a HUGE blessing!

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