Our New Home…

So many of you already know this, but Charlie and I moved in with our dear friends the Callister’s at their house in Moreno Valley.  It is very humbling to know that we have great friends that will take us in and allow us to save some money while living with them.  They are so accommodating, and they make us truly feel at home in a place that is not ours.  I feel very blessed.  We are loving being in a home, and not only in a physical house, but a place we can feel comfortable and relax with our friends.  We are also blessed to watch them as they raise their beautiful 2 year old boy, Skyler.  He is so CUTE!!  I know it seems so unreal to others that we are living with other people and loving it, but there is a mutual understanding between us that we are not perfect and we are learning that when we are honest with ourselves we have so much more accountability when others are around, and we are also able to grow through our differences, and encourage each other in our daily lives.  I love being here, and I am going to miss being around them when we are finally able to go back to our own place, but for now it is a HUGE blessing!

IMG_4406                  IMG_4409


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