I love my family…


You’re Either in or Your Out

I walked into my patient’s room at the beginning of the day and it was like any other room, Patient Controlled analgesia, chest tubes, dressings, IV fluids, monitors and all.  Except something was different, something that a nurse must look past and put on her non-judgmental caregiver face for and treat him with dignity and respect.  Apart from the two correctional facility guards and the handcuffs that kept my patient in his bed, I had a fairly normal day.  How do you respond when a criminal wants pain med, how do you respond when the criminal needs help to wipe his rear cause he is in so much pain, how do you respond when the criminal is thirsty and needs a drink, like every other patient.  Get him some water, give him the cleanest sheets possible, make sure the pain med is given on time, because I may be the only Jesus he ever knows.