Stuffed and Wrapped Chicken Breast

I make this last night and it turned out awesome.  It was from!  It may now be a weaver favorite.  I swapped yellow onion for the green onion and turkey bacon for the bacon and it tasted great!



On top of the highest point in Istanbul

Galatasaray Soccer game!  They won!  Jim Bom Bom…

The little entertainer

My good friend Elif, it was awesome to visit her and her family again!

The whole group

The Basilica Cisterns, beautiful!

Emily and Sarah!  What a blessing these two were for Charlie and I.

The Hagia Sofia, the first Church building during Constantine’s time.

This is Yeditepe University, I was able to speak with nursing faculty here about teaching in Istanbul!

The Olympic Training Facility Charlie found only blocks away from where we stayed in Istanbul!

We had an awesome trip!  Thanks to so many who supported us during this time.  Know that it was truly a blessing to us and we are excited for what the future holds.