Here We Go!

So, I have not blogged in years.  I want to become a blogger again, but I can’t say that will stay consistent again!  I am just going to continue to give it my best!  I am not going to bore everyone with trying to bring everyone up to speed with my family’s life, but just know the Weaver’s have grown and are about to grow once again.  I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with twin boys and life is about to get crazy.  I want to be able to keep people up to date on this and share my experiences as a mom of twins, and a toddler!!  I am also in the midst of trying to graduate with my Master’s degree in Nursing, and for those of you who have walked alongside me, you know this has been a long time coming and nothing is going to stop me!!  We are so excited to welcome both transitions.  I am going to be a full time mommy at home and we are going to have two newborns at the same time!!!  So exciting. 

As for the twins, I am currently going to the hospital two times a week to get monitoring for the boys and they have been doing great.  I go to the OB once a week and thankfully they have coordinated that with my monitoring.  I am contracting a lot, but who doesn’t in their last few weeks with twins and being a multip (medical term for you).  I am excited and scared at the same time to birth two children at the same time, but I am so looking forward to the blessing.  Thanks for reading and catching up with me!  I am hoping I will be a more regular blogger once I am done with school, until then, here’s to starting to blog again!


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