I am at home, by myself and this has been a serious pattern the last week or so.  Entering my 36th and 37th weeks of pregnancy has been hard.  I have a LOT of homework to do for school and if I want to graduate there are quite a few things I need to finish before May 25th and lets be honest, these babies are definitely going to make an appearance before then so I have been quite overwhelmed with what to get done!  Watching a toddler all day, doing discussion forums, meeting with professors, doing clinical hours, getting Liana to and fro can consume most of my day, but with an amazing family (and friends) I have been able to persevere.  Thank you to my mother in law for taking Liana for almost four days and just loving on her, thank you sisters for wanting to hang out with Liana even if I don’t ask, thank you mom for running around the house with Liana when I am too tired, thank you husband for doing the dishes and getting the house ready for our new additions, thank you Imai’s for letting Liana play with your boys and loving on her (hi dada), and thank you Nicole and Kennedy, I think she would come play all day everyday if she could!!  I am so blessed.  I KNOW this degree would not be happening without the help of my family and friends.  I continue to be overwhelmed by what this pregnancy has brought, but it has been so much more manageable with your help, and quite frankly would not have been possible without your help.  Here’s to another day filled with homework!!


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