Ode to Kingdom 113

I have been an athlete my whole life.  I thrive on competition, working hard, doing something alongside others and seeing just how much we can push each other to do more!  I stopped playing competitive sports in 2006 when I had my last season of soccer at Cal Baptist University.  At the time, I definitely felt ok with taking a break, being done having a rigorous schedule and getting to work out as I pleased.  As time has gone on, I definitely longed to do something that would give me the competitive outlet I needed and the opportunity to stay active and push myself to do things I never thought possible.  I started playing soccer again after having my daughter Liana, which was a blast.  It was definitely what I needed at the time to get me moving and to help me remember how much I love competition and working hard toward a common goal with others.

Then I had two more babies, at the same time.  I love those twinsies to death, but they pretty much put my body through the ringer.  I felt like I had been hit by a mac truck for 3 months after I had them, and I knew my body as I knew it would never be the same.  I did have moments where I let that get to me because it was so easy to bounce back after one child, and it was not going to be so easy this time around.

I have been bound and determined that I would not let that get me down, and I never would have imagined it would be CrossFit that would whip me back into shape, but here I am.  In four months of going to Kingdom113 Crossfit 2-3 days a week, I am doing things I did only when I was in gymnastics competitively.  Now for a few reasons, my body will still never be the same, but I will be stronger and more fit than I have been since playing college sports as I continue along this journey.  So if you have ever been someone that enjoys pushing yourself, or knows you just plain need others to push you, or you need a community to join, I suggest trying this out.  It has made me feel like I can continue to be competitive and enjoy doing physical activities, and keep up with my kids.

A few things I want to say about Kingdom 113 🙂

Kevin, thanks for pushing to have the best form possible so that I can only get better, lift heavier, and get results.  Thanks for keeping my hubbie in check as he learns the ropes and for loving us in so many ways!

Nolan, I would probably not give myself any credit to lift the heavy weights if it weren’t for you saying, “You should probably be doing the Rx on this one”.  Well ok, I guess I will then!  Your calm presence in the Box gives me comfort as we work out, because you are seriously so kickin at this sport, and I don’t feel intimidated by you at all!

Jenn your smile lights up the box!!  You are so full of energy and you make people feel at home there.  You are the best cheerleader ever!

Lindsey, thanks for cheering louder than anyone I know for the whole workout, even when you are tired yourself!  That is so boss!

Nicolle, you give me numbers to shoot for and you probably don’t even realize it!  I pay attention and I am competitive, so thank you for helping me know that I can push myself even further.  You are a young mom that works it in there!!


Mama Gouveia!  You are awesome.  Can’t wait to see where you go with this.  Your determination and feistiness is so infectious!!!!!

There are so many great people in the gym and I am thankful for this season Charlie and I will have to spend with you.  Kev and Nolan thanks for taking us in and helping us to see the good, the bad, the ugly, and the totally awesome of owning your own CrossFit.