A Year With Twins

Sooooo, the twins turned one in April and I would have liked to have done a post like this a long time ago, but here it is.  10 things about Life with twins in the first year (and a half).

1.  They seem to sleep really well, and I will attribute that to the fact that they have always had each other.  They nap well, they go down easy, they sleep near each other in the same room, they understand it is time to go to sleep!  They will chat with each other when they wake up, and Troy always seems to be the one making a commotion for me to come get them when they are awake.

2.  There are very subtle things different about them.  Troy is a lot more vocal most of the time, and he is going to make his presence known.  He is slightly dramatic in his reactions to things, but he is so fun and expressive.  He has been able to climb, crawl, walk, and turn over earlier than his brother, and what was interesting is that is moved much more often in the womb.  Chad is my chill charmer.  He has a bit of a mischievous side to him.  He will come snuggle me, but he will take toys from his brother and sister when they least expect it.

3.  The boys like to be wherever we are.  They want to be around us and they are happy when you are just laying on the floor near them.

4.  They will laugh at each other and follow each other all around the apartment for as long as they enjoy each other.

5.  The twins have been much bigger mama’s boys than our daughter ever was.  It is actually pretty cute and I enjoy that they want to be around me and daddy so much.

6.  They share a special bond already and it is not easy to explain.  I can tell they want to be around each other and they laugh at each other, and they want to see what each other are doing.

7.  The twins sorta fell into their own routine around 4-5 months.  They have always gone with the flow, and they will nap wherever we can lay them down.  Again, I think its in large part because they have had each other all their lives.

8.  When I think about having nursed the twins, it seems like it was over in the blink of an eye.  I exclusively nursed them for 6 months and then weaned them by 8 1/2 months.  It was extremely difficult, but they were really great about it and I am sure that helped me to keep going.  They always ate well, and they transitioned to bottles and formula really well.

9.  Nursing twins is a whole blog post in itself.  It is an interesting task, but it was worth it.

10.  Support of your family and friends is so vital in having twins for the first year.  Having an added toddler in the mix make help essential.  They were so supportive.  My husband was also awesome and intuitive when I needed help, and he stepped right in there.  His help was absolutely necessary this time around!