Healing from Eczema

My beautiful twin toddler boys have eczema.  My son Chad has a pretty bad case.  It showed up just around a year of life, and it came and went, but this winter it showed up with a bang!  It has gotten so bad that the boys will scratch their legs until they bleed to try to relieve the itching it causes on their skin.  I also keep them in pajamas most of the day, even when we go out because they will take of their shoes and do what they can in order to scratch their legs.  I am unsure why they have gotten eczema, one of the reasons may be hereditary, another may be due to the fact that they are twins and had to share my nutrients in the womb or even because I had to get antibiotics in the OR when I delivered them.  Interestingly enough, Chad was a c-section, and Troy was a natural birth, so Chad was the only one to be in the womb when I received antibiotics and his skin is the worst.  It makes my mom heart hurt.  So I decided that it was time to figure out what we could do to help the poor kid.

I decided to make a visit to visit http://selahwellness.com/.  She saw my son and we have started a regimine that I am hopeful will work for them, but will be tough for this mommy.  I cannot let the boys have any gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, grains, or sugars.  Not even honey 😦 I also started giving them supplements that will restore their gut and hopefully we will be able to reintroduce the foods we had to take away once they are fully healed. This is going to be a long three months for this mommy and those hungry boys. Their palates are going to grow so I am hoping that is a plus, and I hope they give in to eating the only foods they are going to be able to get for this diet. I will post some before, middle, and after pics when the time comes. But for now here is a glimpse into Chad’s eczema in particular.


The red spots on his face are eczema. I am hopeful this to work, but it is also reminding me to rely on the lord for his perfect healing of my sons. There is not a lot of control I have over this situation and I want so bad for them to heal. So for now I will do my best, and I will pray, and ask for prayer as we go through this!!