Being an Advocate

Advocate: A person who pleads on behalf of another in difficulty or trouble; intercessor.

As a registered nurse it is ingrained in my mind that I act as an advocate for my patients.  It is a part of my job that I genuinely take seriously and I feel very empowered when I am able to speak to others (Doctors, pharmacists, techs, other nurses) on behalf of my patient.  I am able to help them to see what they do not understand, I am able to listen to their hopes and dreams and relay them to others around me.  I am able to help them make the best decisions for their care, and I take so much pride and passion in that.  I am able to help them think through things they never would have thought of before.  I love when I am able to help others see the light turn on, and I am also thankful when I am able to help medical practitioners slow down and remember that sometimes their personal schedule or convictions are not in the best interest of their patient.  I am also able to take the time to interpret what a physician may have told my patient, because I am sure you have experienced the feeling of having NO idea what your doctor just said.  It is these moments that I feel so much purpose, so much value and so much love for the job that I have been gifted with.

As I listened to the speaker in our church today, he referred to us as advocates when we pray for others.  I have never thought of myself as an advocate on an everyday basis.  What if I remembered during my prayers that I AM an advocate.  I have the opportunity to pray over friends, family, co-workers, etc, as an advocate.  My friends may not always know what to pray for themselves, but maybe I do!  My family members don’t always know what God is asking of them, but when I plead on their behalf maybe he will send me the right words at the right moment.  Maybe my co-workers are in so much pain and they just need someone to plead on their behalf, and I can stand in that day to ask the Lord for comfort over them in the way they best need it.  Maybe my patient needs to understand truth and I can ask the Lord to give clarity and purpose when they don’t feel the strength to go on.   Maybe the Lord just wants to hear from me on behalf of others so that my faith can be increased when He answers prayers.  I am thankful for the insight today on being an advocate.  I consider this a privilege in my professional life, what an even greater gift when I am able to exercise it in my spiritual life.


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