Hunter Park

This last Sunday Charlie and Liana stayed home because Liana had gotten pink eye.  So I took the twins and Samantha to our church to get out and about and stay away from Liana.  After church I decided to take them to Hunter Park because it is down the street and the train there only runs on certain Sundays of the month.  So I took the opportunity to be spontaneous.  I pulled up to the park and there was a spot open right in front!  I almost always try to get something close to where I am going if I am by myself, and I also drive around a couple times in case something will open up.  I also try to park on the same side of the road to where I am going to there is NO crossing the street for this mommy with three toddlers.

To go back a bit for the mommies out there, as I got out of the church service, my planning began.  I made sure I went to the bathroom before I picked up the kiddos and then I asked the people watching my kids if I could feed the baby before I picked up my other two.  Being alone, I try to plot out as much as possible when I am going anywhere.  Of course they said yes, and then I got the twins when I was done.  On my way out, they asked if I wanted help to the car.  I was parked so close, BUT I said yes!!  Please I will take it.

The trains that run at the park are really incredible.  They are mini replicas of old steam engines with lots of cargo trucks.  It is a toddler’s dream!  My boys love watching Thomas the Train.  The ride is technically free, but they do take donations.  The track is a mile and a half long and the ride takes a total of 15-20 minutes.  I didn’t quite know this before getting on the train, but it worked out okay.  I strapped the baby on in my trusty ergo carrier and put on my back back and got the boys out to wait in line.  I was really not sure what to expect, or if my boys would freak out and want to jump off the train, but I took the chance anyway.  We got up to the front and the people told me I had to take the baby out of the carrier and she had to actually have her own “seat”.  My baby can’t even sit up yet, soooooo I am not sure how they wanted that to happen.  I thought we were going to have to leave, but they had other cargo seats that were a long bench and all of us could sit on them.  So I was put back to the front of the line to wait for another train.  Thankfully the boys were so mesmerized by the trains they did a really good job of listening and going where they needed to go.  We sat down on the train and all I could think about was, Lord please keep them from wanting to get off this train, or from leaning too far to one side and falling off!!  We got to the end of the line and there were two trains that were stopped in front of us.  The boys definitely got antsy.  Thankfully they didn’t end up hoping off the train and the man that was in front of us helped me to keep Troy on the train.  Something I have learned is that people really do want to help when they offer, and I take them up on it when they do.

All in all it was a good day, and I would probably bring help with me next time, but we made it 🙂



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