Just To Get Buttons for a Scarf

So I recently asked a friend of mine to make a particular scarf for me because it actually snows in Turkey and I want to be as prepared as possible for colder weather.  We just don’t have heavy scarves around these parts.  The scarf I wanted is a cowl style and it has these really cute decorative wooden buttons on it to boot, so my friend asked me to meet her at Joann’s so we could pick out buttons and sew them on the scarf real quick.  Well…this mom has 4 kiddos too!!!  We all brought our kids because the best time for us to meet was in the morning, who wants to get a babysitter for 30 min, and both of us had the day off.  Her kids are 9 months, 2, 3, and 14.  Mine are 5 months, 2, 2, and 4!  Let me tell you, we were a sight for sore eyes in Joanns!  I will say, it went off pretty smoothly.  I strapped the twins into the twin jogging stroller, let Liana walk, and wore the baby in the ergo.  Thankfully my friend’s 14 year old is REALLY good with kiddos!  He helped wrangle her kiddos and Liana as they ran and tinkered around the store, and my boys did a good job staying in the stroller. I was able to pick out two buttons to put on the scarf and we went out front of the store and she sewed them onto the scarf right then and there!  We got in and out of there in 35 minutes!  Totally worth it cause now I have a really cute scarf!  Thanks Naomi!



Reflections on Summer

So I was thinking, I feel like summer just finally ended.  The “fall” weather really only set in this last week and somehow November completely crept up on me.  My 5 month old baby is currently scooting/crawling to try to touch the buttons on my computer, 5 months!  As the summer has come and gone, so has Samantha’s newborness (not a real word, but it fit for me 🙂  It has just seemed to fly by.  The little pumpkin that made a surprise entrance to our world has changed it for the better.

Samantha’s incredible demeanor and help from many others allowed me to do so many things with my kids I did not imagine being able to do when I got pregnant last year.  We traveled to Blythe with my family, traveled to big bear with Charlie’s family, visited friend’s pools at least once a week, and visited the park all summer long.  Our daily life, such as the pool and park were very structured and limited to very close proximity because nap time was still essential to this mama in order to recharge and be ready to keep the pace until dinner time and rest as I woke up and did it all over again.

For this blog post I wanted to write mainly about how I went about the pool routine!  Taking three toddlers and a baby to the pool just sounds like a disaster, but with a little planning it kept us sane and gave us fun all summer long!  I would usually aim to be at the pool by 10 am.  I spent time at 3 of my friend’s pools this summer.  Let me tell you, these friends are amazing.  They would give us access whenever and we would just go in through the side of their house and swim, and then take off when we wanted to!  I usually made sure to change all of the kiddos into their swim shorts or suits before leaving.  However, I would make sure to change them into swim diapers only when we got there because lets be real, the moment you put a swim diaper on they are going to poop!  No need to waste a swim diaper, those things are expensive!  Here is a list of things I packed in my pool bag:

Extra swim diapers, regular diapers, sun screen, clothes for after, a trash bag, towels, sunglasses, and hats

I always left this bag partially packed and put it in the closet after each use so that I did not have to completely repack it every time. I also put together a bag of lunch and goodies so that when we were swimming we would tackle lunch at the same time.  The twins would almost always fall asleep on the way home so I just made sure they were ready to be thrown in bed when we got home!  Thankfully Liana is water safe on her own and she just loves it!  The twins wear the floats with the chest piece and just swim around the water on their own. Thankfully our friends have the toddler step and the boys loved that!  I am so thankful my kiddos love the water.

It did get really tricky when the baby would want to nurse, Liana would want me to swim, the boys would want me to snuggle them if they were cold, inevitably the boys would go number two at some point so I had to catch them quick and get them out and change them too!!  Never a dull moment!!  Thankful for the summer and the fun it brought this year!