Just To Get Buttons for a Scarf

So I recently asked a friend of mine to make a particular scarf for me because it actually snows in Turkey and I want to be as prepared as possible for colder weather.  We just don’t have heavy scarves around these parts.  The scarf I wanted is a cowl style and it has these really cute decorative wooden buttons on it to boot, so my friend asked me to meet her at Joann’s so we could pick out buttons and sew them on the scarf real quick.  Well…this mom has 4 kiddos too!!!  We all brought our kids because the best time for us to meet was in the morning, who wants to get a babysitter for 30 min, and both of us had the day off.  Her kids are 9 months, 2, 3, and 14.  Mine are 5 months, 2, 2, and 4!  Let me tell you, we were a sight for sore eyes in Joanns!  I will say, it went off pretty smoothly.  I strapped the twins into the twin jogging stroller, let Liana walk, and wore the baby in the ergo.  Thankfully my friend’s 14 year old is REALLY good with kiddos!  He helped wrangle her kiddos and Liana as they ran and tinkered around the store, and my boys did a good job staying in the stroller. I was able to pick out two buttons to put on the scarf and we went out front of the store and she sewed them onto the scarf right then and there!  We got in and out of there in 35 minutes!  Totally worth it cause now I have a really cute scarf!  Thanks Naomi!



Reflections on Summer

So I was thinking, I feel like summer just finally ended.  The “fall” weather really only set in this last week and somehow November completely crept up on me.  My 5 month old baby is currently scooting/crawling to try to touch the buttons on my computer, 5 months!  As the summer has come and gone, so has Samantha’s newborness (not a real word, but it fit for me 🙂  It has just seemed to fly by.  The little pumpkin that made a surprise entrance to our world has changed it for the better.

Samantha’s incredible demeanor and help from many others allowed me to do so many things with my kids I did not imagine being able to do when I got pregnant last year.  We traveled to Blythe with my family, traveled to big bear with Charlie’s family, visited friend’s pools at least once a week, and visited the park all summer long.  Our daily life, such as the pool and park were very structured and limited to very close proximity because nap time was still essential to this mama in order to recharge and be ready to keep the pace until dinner time and rest as I woke up and did it all over again.

For this blog post I wanted to write mainly about how I went about the pool routine!  Taking three toddlers and a baby to the pool just sounds like a disaster, but with a little planning it kept us sane and gave us fun all summer long!  I would usually aim to be at the pool by 10 am.  I spent time at 3 of my friend’s pools this summer.  Let me tell you, these friends are amazing.  They would give us access whenever and we would just go in through the side of their house and swim, and then take off when we wanted to!  I usually made sure to change all of the kiddos into their swim shorts or suits before leaving.  However, I would make sure to change them into swim diapers only when we got there because lets be real, the moment you put a swim diaper on they are going to poop!  No need to waste a swim diaper, those things are expensive!  Here is a list of things I packed in my pool bag:

Extra swim diapers, regular diapers, sun screen, clothes for after, a trash bag, towels, sunglasses, and hats

I always left this bag partially packed and put it in the closet after each use so that I did not have to completely repack it every time. I also put together a bag of lunch and goodies so that when we were swimming we would tackle lunch at the same time.  The twins would almost always fall asleep on the way home so I just made sure they were ready to be thrown in bed when we got home!  Thankfully Liana is water safe on her own and she just loves it!  The twins wear the floats with the chest piece and just swim around the water on their own. Thankfully our friends have the toddler step and the boys loved that!  I am so thankful my kiddos love the water.

It did get really tricky when the baby would want to nurse, Liana would want me to swim, the boys would want me to snuggle them if they were cold, inevitably the boys would go number two at some point so I had to catch them quick and get them out and change them too!!  Never a dull moment!!  Thankful for the summer and the fun it brought this year!


Hunter Park

This last Sunday Charlie and Liana stayed home because Liana had gotten pink eye.  So I took the twins and Samantha to our church to get out and about and stay away from Liana.  After church I decided to take them to Hunter Park because it is down the street and the train there only runs on certain Sundays of the month.  So I took the opportunity to be spontaneous.  I pulled up to the park and there was a spot open right in front!  I almost always try to get something close to where I am going if I am by myself, and I also drive around a couple times in case something will open up.  I also try to park on the same side of the road to where I am going to there is NO crossing the street for this mommy with three toddlers.

To go back a bit for the mommies out there, as I got out of the church service, my planning began.  I made sure I went to the bathroom before I picked up the kiddos and then I asked the people watching my kids if I could feed the baby before I picked up my other two.  Being alone, I try to plot out as much as possible when I am going anywhere.  Of course they said yes, and then I got the twins when I was done.  On my way out, they asked if I wanted help to the car.  I was parked so close, BUT I said yes!!  Please I will take it.

The trains that run at the park are really incredible.  They are mini replicas of old steam engines with lots of cargo trucks.  It is a toddler’s dream!  My boys love watching Thomas the Train.  The ride is technically free, but they do take donations.  The track is a mile and a half long and the ride takes a total of 15-20 minutes.  I didn’t quite know this before getting on the train, but it worked out okay.  I strapped the baby on in my trusty ergo carrier and put on my back back and got the boys out to wait in line.  I was really not sure what to expect, or if my boys would freak out and want to jump off the train, but I took the chance anyway.  We got up to the front and the people told me I had to take the baby out of the carrier and she had to actually have her own “seat”.  My baby can’t even sit up yet, soooooo I am not sure how they wanted that to happen.  I thought we were going to have to leave, but they had other cargo seats that were a long bench and all of us could sit on them.  So I was put back to the front of the line to wait for another train.  Thankfully the boys were so mesmerized by the trains they did a really good job of listening and going where they needed to go.  We sat down on the train and all I could think about was, Lord please keep them from wanting to get off this train, or from leaning too far to one side and falling off!!  We got to the end of the line and there were two trains that were stopped in front of us.  The boys definitely got antsy.  Thankfully they didn’t end up hoping off the train and the man that was in front of us helped me to keep Troy on the train.  Something I have learned is that people really do want to help when they offer, and I take them up on it when they do.

All in all it was a good day, and I would probably bring help with me next time, but we made it 🙂


Nap Time

I decided that I want to chronicle some of the different routines we go through in the Weaver household so that I can look back on them and remember what these times were like.  I also want to write them out in hopes that someone else might identify with me and know they are not alone in what they may be going through as a mommy of little ones.  4 under 4 is no joke, but we are learning as we go.  So I hope our story can make you laugh and give you something to empathize with.

On the daily our nap times are around 1 pm.  The nap might start then, but the process starts long before that.  Since I now have a newborn, my biggest defeat during nap time is to make her happy long enough for me to get the other three to sleep without her waking up the whole house with her crying.  She is really a great baby but she is a baby, so I have to feed her and then hope that she is content for the next 30 minutes, or that she falls asleep without my help.  Most of you new mothers know that a 5 week old doesn’t always just fall asleep in whatever place you put them, so this is a colossal defeat to me if she stays content the whole nap time routine!

Thankfully the twins have always been very good nappers and night time sleepers.  I am soooo thankful for this.  I know they have a buddy in each other and they genuinely love each other.  There is only so many ways you can express it when you are freshly 2, but they love each other.  My older sister bought the boys pillow pets when they were little and they have called them their baby’s ever since they knew what the word was.  They LOVE them.  They carry them around everywhere.  It is their security blanket.  Before the boys go to bed I make sure they are fed, and that they have a fresh diaper.  This sounds simple, but they don’t stop long enough to eat, and they DON’T like their diapers being changed.  So tears naturally ensue when I force them to eat and make them get a new diaper.  It doesn’t help that they see each other take off running when I have diapers and wipes in hand, but I eventually catch one of them and the other one is long gone.  I have to chase down the other one when I finish the first one.  Once that is done we go straight to their room.  They both drag their baby with them and I put them in their pack n play (cause that is what they sleep in) and turn on their sound machine and leave.  I tell them, “Don’t climb out!”  They recently started climbing out, more on that in another post, and I have to remind them that is a big no!!  So I close the door and pray they don’t climb out to make a mess of their room.  They usually play for a bit and then they sleep the next 3 hours!!!  Bless them.

I usually let Liana watch one show she likes while I put the boys down and for a few minutes after they are gone.  Its our short time to sit and snuggle together.  Mind you I just hope the baby is still sleeping or is content wherever she is.  Then I take Liana back to her room, read her a book and lay down while holding her hand.  She has always loved people and does not like to be alone.  At this point in her life, I love that she still wants to hold my hand while she falls asleep.  If we hear the baby crying, Liana knows I have to go and comfort her and she is able to fall asleep on her own, but if we don’t hear the baby I take the time to lay with her.  By this time, Samantha is usually ready for me and lets me know it.  I spend the next hour or so with her and feed her, hold her, talk to her, etc.  It is a nice time to relax and just spend time with the newbie!

Liana likes to come around the corner just about the time I have finished playing with the baby, and the boys shortly after.  Nap time is a safe haven for me.  I love the rest, I love that it is fairly predictable and the nuances are expected.  When nap time is over, I have already made it through most of the day to when my amazing hubbie comes home.  I am very thankful for him and his presence.  Until the next story, thanks for reading if you made it this far!

Being an Advocate

Advocate: A person who pleads on behalf of another in difficulty or trouble; intercessor.

As a registered nurse it is ingrained in my mind that I act as an advocate for my patients.  It is a part of my job that I genuinely take seriously and I feel very empowered when I am able to speak to others (Doctors, pharmacists, techs, other nurses) on behalf of my patient.  I am able to help them to see what they do not understand, I am able to listen to their hopes and dreams and relay them to others around me.  I am able to help them make the best decisions for their care, and I take so much pride and passion in that.  I am able to help them think through things they never would have thought of before.  I love when I am able to help others see the light turn on, and I am also thankful when I am able to help medical practitioners slow down and remember that sometimes their personal schedule or convictions are not in the best interest of their patient.  I am also able to take the time to interpret what a physician may have told my patient, because I am sure you have experienced the feeling of having NO idea what your doctor just said.  It is these moments that I feel so much purpose, so much value and so much love for the job that I have been gifted with.

As I listened to the speaker in our church today, he referred to us as advocates when we pray for others.  I have never thought of myself as an advocate on an everyday basis.  What if I remembered during my prayers that I AM an advocate.  I have the opportunity to pray over friends, family, co-workers, etc, as an advocate.  My friends may not always know what to pray for themselves, but maybe I do!  My family members don’t always know what God is asking of them, but when I plead on their behalf maybe he will send me the right words at the right moment.  Maybe my co-workers are in so much pain and they just need someone to plead on their behalf, and I can stand in that day to ask the Lord for comfort over them in the way they best need it.  Maybe my patient needs to understand truth and I can ask the Lord to give clarity and purpose when they don’t feel the strength to go on.   Maybe the Lord just wants to hear from me on behalf of others so that my faith can be increased when He answers prayers.  I am thankful for the insight today on being an advocate.  I consider this a privilege in my professional life, what an even greater gift when I am able to exercise it in my spiritual life.

Healing from Eczema

My beautiful twin toddler boys have eczema.  My son Chad has a pretty bad case.  It showed up just around a year of life, and it came and went, but this winter it showed up with a bang!  It has gotten so bad that the boys will scratch their legs until they bleed to try to relieve the itching it causes on their skin.  I also keep them in pajamas most of the day, even when we go out because they will take of their shoes and do what they can in order to scratch their legs.  I am unsure why they have gotten eczema, one of the reasons may be hereditary, another may be due to the fact that they are twins and had to share my nutrients in the womb or even because I had to get antibiotics in the OR when I delivered them.  Interestingly enough, Chad was a c-section, and Troy was a natural birth, so Chad was the only one to be in the womb when I received antibiotics and his skin is the worst.  It makes my mom heart hurt.  So I decided that it was time to figure out what we could do to help the poor kid.

I decided to make a visit to visit http://selahwellness.com/.  She saw my son and we have started a regimine that I am hopeful will work for them, but will be tough for this mommy.  I cannot let the boys have any gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, grains, or sugars.  Not even honey 😦 I also started giving them supplements that will restore their gut and hopefully we will be able to reintroduce the foods we had to take away once they are fully healed. This is going to be a long three months for this mommy and those hungry boys. Their palates are going to grow so I am hoping that is a plus, and I hope they give in to eating the only foods they are going to be able to get for this diet. I will post some before, middle, and after pics when the time comes. But for now here is a glimpse into Chad’s eczema in particular.


The red spots on his face are eczema. I am hopeful this to work, but it is also reminding me to rely on the lord for his perfect healing of my sons. There is not a lot of control I have over this situation and I want so bad for them to heal. So for now I will do my best, and I will pray, and ask for prayer as we go through this!!

A Year With Twins

Sooooo, the twins turned one in April and I would have liked to have done a post like this a long time ago, but here it is.  10 things about Life with twins in the first year (and a half).

1.  They seem to sleep really well, and I will attribute that to the fact that they have always had each other.  They nap well, they go down easy, they sleep near each other in the same room, they understand it is time to go to sleep!  They will chat with each other when they wake up, and Troy always seems to be the one making a commotion for me to come get them when they are awake.

2.  There are very subtle things different about them.  Troy is a lot more vocal most of the time, and he is going to make his presence known.  He is slightly dramatic in his reactions to things, but he is so fun and expressive.  He has been able to climb, crawl, walk, and turn over earlier than his brother, and what was interesting is that is moved much more often in the womb.  Chad is my chill charmer.  He has a bit of a mischievous side to him.  He will come snuggle me, but he will take toys from his brother and sister when they least expect it.

3.  The boys like to be wherever we are.  They want to be around us and they are happy when you are just laying on the floor near them.

4.  They will laugh at each other and follow each other all around the apartment for as long as they enjoy each other.

5.  The twins have been much bigger mama’s boys than our daughter ever was.  It is actually pretty cute and I enjoy that they want to be around me and daddy so much.

6.  They share a special bond already and it is not easy to explain.  I can tell they want to be around each other and they laugh at each other, and they want to see what each other are doing.

7.  The twins sorta fell into their own routine around 4-5 months.  They have always gone with the flow, and they will nap wherever we can lay them down.  Again, I think its in large part because they have had each other all their lives.

8.  When I think about having nursed the twins, it seems like it was over in the blink of an eye.  I exclusively nursed them for 6 months and then weaned them by 8 1/2 months.  It was extremely difficult, but they were really great about it and I am sure that helped me to keep going.  They always ate well, and they transitioned to bottles and formula really well.

9.  Nursing twins is a whole blog post in itself.  It is an interesting task, but it was worth it.

10.  Support of your family and friends is so vital in having twins for the first year.  Having an added toddler in the mix make help essential.  They were so supportive.  My husband was also awesome and intuitive when I needed help, and he stepped right in there.  His help was absolutely necessary this time around!





Charlie is 30!!

Today my husband is 30! It is kinda crazy that he is now three decades old. We have been so blessed beyond measure. This has been an incredibly trying yet awesome year. Charlie is such an amazing husband and I am so thankful for his partnership as my husband!




One Year Ago Today

One year ago today we were completely floored.  Our OB/GYN let us know we were not having one, but two babies.  Now those babies are here and their names are Troy and Chad.  Never did we anticipate what adding twins to our lives would bring along.  We are still in disbelief most days, and we are now beginning to adjust to a schedule and they are pretty predictable, but we are being refined in the process.  We are so thankful for them and for our family.